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'Passionate about pain-free health and optimal fitness'

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Bailey Sports Therapy is comprehensive in the providing of musculoskeletal treatment and full rehabilitation; as specialists in sports injuries and training we offer many extra complimentary treatments with injury prevention in mind. With our passion, experience and first class standard of care we achieve the best results for our patients regardless of age or ability.

Bailey Sports Therapy offers multidimensional treatment of any musculoskeletal injuries, from arthritis pain to whiplash and high impact sports injuries as well as back pain and private rehabilitation from any musculoskeletal surgery. We can also provide on-going aftercare including further treatments and continued exercise programs.

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  • Top standard of care

  • Fully qualified and certified therapists

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Injury Prevention Flexibility Sessions

Flexibility is a key yet often overlooked integral part of fitness. Some pain and injuries can come from one being insufficiently supple. Our sessions aim to improve your flexibility, in turn reducing your chances of picking up an injury.

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Pain/Injury Assessment & Treatment

Bailey Sports Therapy provides a detailed and personal assessment, focusing on the cause of your symptoms, these detailed, specific assessments allow us to determine the injury by its characteristics, presentation and symptoms, resulting in specific effective treatment. Our motivated therapists have wide experience treating a multitude of injuries and are passionate about getting long term results.

 Sports Massage

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Sports massage has so many benefits, and anybody can benefit from a sports massage provided by a qualified sports therapist! Sports massage is not only beneficial to the injured; there is much to be gained if you are uninjured, sore from recent training, looking to improve your performance or simply stressed and needing to relax.

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 Surgical Rehabilitation

At Bailey Sports Therapy we offer individual and specific treatment following your surgery. Post-surgery rehabilitation with us will, relieve pain, improve function and range of motion, improve strength and feeling as well as minimise chance of re-injury. You will work closely with your therapist to achieve a gradual and achievable program of goals in order to work toward full pre-injury activity.

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BST can provide athletic & Kineseology taping as part of a longer term treatment plan or as a one off application if you just want to try it out. The benefits of taping are instant, releiving soreness, swelling and improving performance.

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Pitch-Side Medical Assistance

We can provide packages from simple first aid only cover to a full comprehensive match-day or festival packages; which include pre and post event cover of taping and strapping, padding, sports massage, and full first aid cover of all sporting events.

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